Rosnano ex-Head does not admit his guilt in $3.8m embezzlement

Rosnano ex-Head does not admit his guilt in $3.8m embezzlement
Leonid Melamed pointed the finger at logical holes in the charge

Leonid Melamed insists that he has not been working in the state corporation during the thefts committed, with which the ICR charges him.⁠

Former chairman of the Rosnano board Leonid Melamed continues to deny his guilt in embezzling 220 million rubles ($3.8m), with which the ICR charges him. According to the ex-head of the state corporation, the case is full of logical holes. He stressed that he has not been working in Rosnano and was not the owner of IFC Alemar, and had no influence on making operative decisions.

Second figurant of the case, financial director Svyatoslav Ponurov, denies the guilt too. He stated this during a hearing at the Moscow Cheremushkinsky Court, which began to consider their criminal case on the merits on Tuesday, May 30.

The defense of the accused filed a motion to suspend the proceedings and transfer it to the Constitutional Court, but the judge rejected the motion, finding that there was no reason to appeal to the Constitutional Court, and therefore there was no suspension of the criminal case.

Earlier, the court refused to return the criminal case to the prosecutor. "Refuse to satisfy the request for the return of the case to the Prosecutor's Office and the termination of the proceedings on it," RIA Novosti quoted the judge as saying.

Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika made an unprecedented decision, repealing the decision of his deputy Viktor Grin, who refused to confirm the accusation in the case against Leonid Melamed. At the same time, Melamed was released from house arrest, and his alleged accomplice Svyatoslav Ponurov - from the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center.

The investigation suspects Leonid Melamed in embezzlement of more than 220 million rubles ($3.8m). In 2007-2009, then being the head of Rosnano, Melamed contracted with Alemar Corporation to provide consulting services. At the same time, Melamed was the co-owner of Alemar. For this reason, the investigation believes that Svyatoslav Ponurnov and Deputy of Melamed Andrey Malyshev transferred money to the accounts of Alemar, although he did not render any services. On completion of the investigation into the case against Melamed, the ICR reported in June 2016.



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