Rosnano CEO arrested by court, his brother declared wanted 

Rosnano CEO arrested by court, his brother declared wanted
Andrey Gorkov in court

The session of the Basmanny Court of Moscow on electing the preventive measure for Rosnano Corporation CEO for Investment Activities Andrey Gorkov has been concluded.

Earlier, he was charged with Abuse of office (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code).

Granting the investigation's petition, the court put him in custody him until August 9. Earlier, when asking the court to arrest Gorkov, the ICR investigators expressed confidence that he had tried to evade the investigation abroad, and could have destroyed evidence in the case or attempt to influence the course of investigation. The prosecutor also supported the motion to arrest Gorkov, although the latter’s lawyers asked to release the top manager of Rosnano on bail of 50 million rubles (876 thousand dollars).

During the Basmanny Court's session, it was made public that Andrey Gorkov's brother Evgeny had been declared wanted as part of the criminal case on fraud with corporation money in the amount of more than 700 million rubles. According to Judge Elena Lenskaya, the statement of operational search in respect of Evgeny Gorkov is signed by the deputy head of the MIA GUEBiPK.

Meanwhile, Andrey Gorkov denies guilt on charges of fraud with Rosnano's money in the amount of 738 million rubles (12.9 million dollars) and calls his detention illegal. According to him, he had planned the departure abroad for a business trip a long time ago, and he was not trying to evade the investigation. Gorkov’s defense intends to appeal the Basmanny Court’s decision on his arrest.


Andrey Gorkov in court

Let us recall that the top manager of Rosnano was detained yesterday, on June 10, on suspicion of abuse of office, which had resulted in the state corporation loosing 738 million rubles. The criminal case against him was initiated the day before his arrest based on the results of an inspection by Prosecutor General's Office. Prosecutor General Yury Chaika has signed the agency’s materials provided to the court.

According to the investigation, in the period from 2011 to 2013, сontrary to the interests of Rosnano, Gorkov deposited the corporation's money in Smolensky Bank Commercial Bank LLC on a permanent basis under the guise of settlement and cash services, while in fact he was financing the bank’s activity. In late 2014, the Central Bank revoked the license from Smolensky Bank; on the eve of its revocation, assets in the form of real estate objects worth about 400 million rubles (7 million dollars) had been withdrawn from the bank in favor of Gorkov's brother.

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