Rosbiznesbank hired banker accused of swindling

Rosbiznesbank hired banker accused of swindling
Lyudmila Lepko Photo: Kommersant / Gennady Gulyaev

The former head of Renta-Bank, who has stolen 70 million rubles, is known as a highly qualified, honest, and decent employee of Rosbiznesbank

The case of the former Chairwoman of the Renta-Bank Board Lyudmila Lepko is currently being conducted in the Dorogomilovsky Court of Moscow. As reported by Kommersant, 61-year-old woman and her three accomplices, people of business Aleksey Isakov, Elena Konstantinova and Sergey Kostynich, are accused of embezzling over 70 million rubles from the bank. During the investigation, which lasted for 6 years, Lepko managed to find a new job, namely, the position of the Deputy Сhairwoman of the Board of Directors at Rosbiznesbank.

In 2010, the shareholders of Renta-Bank, which mainly services legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, appealed to law enforcement agencies after finding the bank had problem loans. Сriminal proceedings were opened under Illegal Receipt of Credits (Art. 176 of the Russian Criminal Code). Initially, Lepko was a witness in this case. However, in March 2016 she was charged with Abuse of Authority (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Russian Criminal Code) by the Main Investigations Directorate of the MIA General Administration in Moscow. The case was reclassified to Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) in June 2016.  

Lepko has long been known in Rosbiznesbank – she had worked there from 1995 to 2003, before being hired by Renta-Bank, therefore, her return in 2010 was met with a positive response; bank employees believed the charges against her were absurd.

According to investigation, in 2009 Lepko withdrew more than 70 million rubles from the bank under the pretext of granting loans to subordinate organizations, as well as fictitious companies. To cover the trail, other companies already served by the bank were used; swindlers applied for loans on their behalf. Lepko’s accomplices were responsible for this, while she herself was lobbying the case promotion directly at the bank, assuring her subordinates that all borrowers satisfy the requirements of obtaining credits and passed all the tests. Allegedly, the companies would leave collateral in the form of food products for the bank, which were actually not there. The companies receiving loans were registered in the name of residents of Rostov, Tula and Bryansk regions working as welders and taxi drivers. To deflect the suspicion off themselves, the swindlers would make payments towards the loan to the bank, paying off several million rubles the first few months.

Renta-Bank’s management believes it has revealed the embezzlement on time, preventing serious problems for the financial institution. However, none of the defendants in the case has pleaded guilty so far.



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