Rodex co-owner under house arrest for selling land plots pledged by Raiffeisenbank

Rodex co-owner under house arrest for selling land plots pledged by Raiffeisenbank
Yevgeny Rodionov

Companies affiliated with businessman Yevgeny Rodionov have signed contracts on equity construction of more than 10 houses in the Mozhaisk district.

Rodex Group co-owner Yevgeny Rodionov has been left under house arrest until March 14, 2017 by the Dorogomilovsky District Court of Moscow. Previously, he became a defendant in a criminal case of fraud. Yet even before that Rodionov had clashed with 19 Rodex home buyers in the suburban villages, who had also accused him of fraud.

The clients insisted that by prior arrangement, Yevgeny Rodionov was selling them land plots pledged by Raiffeisenbank. It is quite likely that those who purchased cottages from Rodex Group will now have to reacquire their property from the bank.

Companies from Rodex Group concluded preliminary sale and purchased agreements with individuals, without assessing the risks of transactions. Land plots were sold in the villages of Sosnovie Berega and Zolotie Peski in the Mozhaisk district. However, it is reported that at the time when the contracts were signed, the land had already been pledged by Raiffeisenbank.

A criminal case was initiated on suspicion of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). Along with the extension of the preventive measure for Rodionov the court sent his case back for further investigation.

Investigators believe that Yevgeny Rodionov registered several legal entities (Tekhstroyservis LLC, Novy Poselok LLC, Dachnoe Obyedinenie Sosnovie Berega LLC) affiliated with Rodex. And then he gave the order to another affiliated company, SMS-Finans, to transfer the money received from a series of transactions to his personal account.

According to the plaintiffs, that is the buyers of land plots, the money for the infrastructure (2-3 million rubles) was transferred to suburban cooperatives. Most of the houses have been constructed, but the customers have not received any documentation for them.

It turned out that Rodex structures failed to repay their debt before Raiffeisenbank, which offered to redeem part of the company's debt by entering into agreements of cession. If the situation cannot be settled this way, the Rodex bankruptcy supervisor will tender the disputed plots, one of the plaintiffs explained.

Lawyer of Rodex’s head Igor Saevets says that the company could not fulfill the obligations for a number of economic reasons. Saevets claims that it cannot be qualified as intentional illegal acts, it is rather a normal business risk.

Found in 1994, Rodex Group was previously considered a major developer of suburban real estate in the Moscow region. In 2008, the group's revenue amounted to $ 160 million, with the personal fortune of its co-owner Yevgeny Rodionov estimated at $ 700 million in 2009, according to Finance magazine. However, the crisis shattered the company's story of success, and in 2012 the creditors appealed to Rodex structures through the court. Igor Saevets claims Yevgeny Rodionov has lost all of his assets and used his personal savings to repay the loans. At the moment, the debt to Raiffeisennank stands at 280 million rubles.



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