Retired man helped police to find cashiers' gang

Retired man helped police to find cashiers' gang

In Moscow there were arrested members of a criminal group, engaged in cashing funds, obtained by illegal means.

Operatives of St. Petersburg solved the case of international swindling. At the end of May this year, to the police 81-year-old from St. Petersburg appealed. He said that he was called people, who said they were employees of the Rospotrebnadzor and the Federal Treasury. Under the pretext of obtaining compensation for loss of health after counterfeiting treatment criminals forced him to transfer 6 million rubles. The edition Life reported.

In August, at the time of encashment of the next transfer in the amount of 300 thousand rubles in one of the Moscow offices of Sberbank it has been detained 19-year-old Roman Sokolov. Later, officers arrested several cashiers. 1 million rubles were trying to retrieve 27-year-old Evgeny Kusakin from Bashkortostan and 36-year-old Ekaterina Rachkin from the Samara region. According to their place of residence in Moscow detained had four more accomplices: Rachkin's countrymen - 32-year-old Pavel Kovalev and 29-year-old Oksana Popova, as well as 36-year-old citizen of Belarus Denis Voronin and the Ukrainian citizen 25-year-old Roman Lesovoy.

At the same time, Oksana Popova worked as an accountant in the Administration of Borsky district in the Samara Region. And Denis Voronin has been internationally wanted for drug trafficking.

According to the cashiers' leader - Evgeny Kusakin, since the beginning of the year to September, they went through about 50 million rubles. At the same time, the very scam he did not disclose, because, according to him, in it there is implemented other people in different regions of the country. The task of this group was the obligation to cash received from different regions of Russia remittances. During a search at their place of residence there were found receipts of remittances in the amount of more than 2 million rubles, bank cards, as well as 1.5 million rubles in cash.

Kusakin and Kovalev were detained for two days and subsequently arrested, Voronin was extradited from Russia, Lesovoy was arrested for violating immigration laws. Popov and Rachkin were released under the obligation to appear. The latter later wrote a confession and admitted that she personally cashed 1.3 million rubles. Kovalev confessed, saying that from April to May 2016 he withdrew 800 thousand rubles.



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