Rent seekers counting on short jail terms

Rent seekers counting on short jail terms
Ex-chairman of the Moscow court Vyacheslav Lipezin

A translation agency pleaded guilty to involvement in a scam and signed pre-trial agreements.

Deputy Prosecutor Viktor Grin approved the indictments against CEO of Rabicon-K translation agency Umar Zarobekov and his subordinate Lyubov Shashkova. They are suspected of a particularly large-scale Swindling committed by an organized group (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), Kommersant reported.

The scam was used in the judicial system of Moscow and the region. In March 2015, the Moscow City Court chairman Olga Egorova found out that the Moscow department spent 322 million rubles ($5.8m) on translation services in district courts and magistrate of Moscow in 2014. After the documents were looked through in court it was found out that only 7.3 million rubles ($130.600) were actually spent on translators.

Investigators found out later that between 2012 and 2014 translators forged orders for payment before submitting them to the judicial departments of the capital and the Moscow region. No one checked the reports in court, as the translators had an agreement with the ex-chairman of the Moscow court Vyacheslav Lipezin, his former deputies Lyubov Lopatina and Igor Kudryavtsev, former head of the local judicial department Valery Kuzmich and his deputy for finance Elena Titova. The investigation remains ongoing.

In February 2017, the Meshchansky Court of Moscow convicted Seymur Safari, Asmat Dzhugashvili, Daler Chorubkashov and Rafik Voskanyan, whom Rabikon-K had attracted as translators to take part in legal proceedings. They admitted that they had personally made changes to the verdicts of the judges. Each of them was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment on probation and a fine of 300 million rubles ($5.4m). The translators actually got relatively small remuneration for their services since most of the money went to scam masterminds, and not to the perpetrators.

The translation agency pleaded guilty to involvement in the scam and signed pre-trial agreements. The case will be dealt with in a special order, so Umar Zarobekov and Lyubov Shashkova are counting on short jail times. The fines, however, will most likely be significant.

We should add that Iraida Landarenko that runs Rabicon-K is on the international wanted list.



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