Relatives of deceased head of company Stroyimpuls demand from Ministry of Defense to give them 15 buildings in Moscow city center

Relatives of deceased head of company Stroyimpuls demand from Ministry of Defense to give them 15 buildings in Moscow city center
Sergey Amelin Photo: Alexander Drozdov / Interpress

In 2013, JSC Glavnoye Upravleniye Obustroystva Voysk (Main Directorate of Troop Provision) of the Ministry of Defense committed an act of bankruptcy of Stroyimpuls which owed the organization 11 billion rubles (~175 million USD).

Relatives of billionaire Sergey Millen, who owned Stroyimpuls SMU-1 LLC before his death in 2013, demanded that the Defense Ministry's Main Directorate of Troop Provision (MDTP) give them 15 buildings in the center of Moscow which were seized during the bankruptcy procedure of Stroyimpuls. This is reported by Fontanka.

After Amelin's death, his 72-year-old mother, Elena Amelina, and two sons, became owners of his business, including Stroyimpuls. Together with the business, Amelin's relatives also got his debts.

Shortly before Amelin's death, Stroyimpuls received about 2.5 billion rubles (~40 million USD) of an advance payment from the MDTP. The head of the company transferred this money as a loan to the account of his other organization, Teorema LLC with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles (~200 USD). Using the loan, Teorema acquired elite real estate in the center of Moscow from the Ministry of Defense.

In 2013, at the initiative of the MDTP, to which Stroyimpulse owes 11 billion rubles, the bankruptcy of the company began. For a while, until the heirs of Amelin did not enter into their rights, the temporary manager of the billionaire’s property was the former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Anna Markova. On her initiative, the buildings purchased by Teorema were transferred back to the Ministry of Defense. Teorema concluded an agreement with the MDTP on compensation, according to which property was returned to the organization as an offset of the 2.5 billion rubles of the advance payment.

The study of financial documents of Stroyimpuls in the process of bankruptcy showed that in 2012 Amelin, being the sole owner of the company, paid himself 870 million rubles (~14 million USD) in dividends. After that, the mother of the deceased billionaire, Elena Amelina, demanded to deprive Markova of the status of his son's property manager, as well as to dismiss the directors she appointed to his companies. During the court proceedings in this regard, the Federal Tax Service was banned from changing information about Amelin’s companies in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Thus, it was impossible to write off the money from the accounts of these organizations, since there was no person with the right to sign on the financial documents.

Later, it was found out that Amelina initiated interim measures against Stroymimpuls before she received a certificate of the right to inheritance, that is, without legal rights to do so. In June 2018, the Commercial Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region suspected that it was these actions that led to the bankruptcy of the organization.

Also, the court drew attention to the fact that the legal representative of Amelin’s, Natalia Rishko, several years ago challenged the appointment of the director of Stroyimpuls by Elena Amelina, and later, having won in the first instance, unexpectedly refused the claim. The court regarded these actions as nuisance.

As a result, the MDTP obtained from the commercial court a ruling on bringing Amelin's heirs to subsidiary liability. Thus, Amelina and her grandchildren, precisely their representatives, had to pay the Ministry of Defense 870 million rubles.

Amelin’s heirs, in turn, are trying to terminate the agreement between Teorema and the MDTP on the return of the buildings in the center of Moscow through the commercial court. According to the Amelins, this agreement harmed the interests of Teorema. The agreement was signed by Anna Markova, the director of the company, and during another trial, a decision was made on the illegality of her appointment. Thus, the one who returned the real estate of the MDTP was acting illegally.

The Amelins demanded to return the real estate items to Teorema and rewrite the debt to the Ministry of Defense in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles to Stroymimpuls. The interests of the billionaire's heirs are represented by attorneys Elena Vershinina and Lyubov Yerigo. It is noted that in case of a court decision in favor of the Amelins, the bankrupt Stroymimpulse will not be able to pay the debt.



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