Reasons of search in PwC become known

Reasons of search in PwC become known

The searches took place in the company as part of the case of the embezzlement in RusHydro.

Legal.Report’s information contradicts to the original version that searches in the Moscow office of PriceWaterhouseCoopers are connected with the cases of insolvent banks. The website’s source said that the investigative activities in the company took place in the framework of cases of embezzlement in RusHydro.

Currently, the former Head of RusHydro Yevgeny Dod is under investigation, he is accused of embezzling of 73.2 million rubles. According to the investigators, Dod forged documents before the audit, and PwC, together with the firm NAFCO-Consultants, which is closely affiliated with Dod’s family, assured the false documents. Searches in NAFCO-Consultants took place last week: it is now the turn of the international auditing company. From the PwC office, the documents on the audit of financial statements of the company for 2013 were seized.

Yevgeny Dod and the accountant Dmitry Finkel were charged with Swindling in a large scale (part 4 Article 159 of the Criminal Code - up to 10 years in prison). According to the investigators, Dod drove up the size of his bonus by 73.2 million rubles by forgery.



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