Putin on Gogol Center case: "Just fools!"

Putin on Gogol Center case: "Just fools!"
Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Mironov

Vladimir Putin commented on the situation around searches at Kirill Serebrennikov with the phrase "Just fools", Kommersant learned.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the searches at artistic director of Gogol Center Kirill Serebrennikov with the phrase "Just fools!" in a conversation with actor Yevgeny Mironov in the Kremlin after the awarding.  This is stated in the report of the Kommersant special correspondent Andrey Kolesnikov.

According to Kolesnikov, the conversation between the President and the actor took place after the awards ceremony was over. Approaching Putin, Mironov "began to talk to him hotly and even loudly," the report says.

"Did you know? Did you know about this?!" Mironov asked. The President answered in the affirmative, specifying that he "read about it yesterday." "What for? Well, why do this?! You fly to France on Monday! Why?" the actor continued to ask questions.

"Just fools," Putin said. Kolesnikov notes that in this way the President made it clear that "he has nothing to do with it."

Earlier on Wednesday, Mironov, receiving from Putin's hands the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, handed the President a letter in support of Serebrennikov. In the video broadcast of the award ceremony held in the Kremlin, it was clear that the actor handed the letter to the Head of state, after which they briefly talked about something.

Later, Mironov, in a conversation with RBC, said that during a conversation with the President he asked him to investigate the Serebrennikov case "fairly and without extraordinary measures." The actor also noted that during the conversation he had the impression that the President agreed that the measures taken by law enforcement bodies were "inadequate."

On May 23, Serebrennikov's apartment and the Gogol Center building, where he is the director, were searched. Operational activities were conducted in the framework of the case of embezzlement of about 200 million rubles ($3.5m). According to the investigation, the money was stolen by the leadership of the Seventh Studio, which was created by Serebrennikov. The director himself visited the Investigative Committee for interrogation as a witness.



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