Prosecutor's Office finds no violations in billion-ruble purchase of fish prisons

Prosecutor's Office finds no violations in billion-ruble purchase of fish prisons

Earlier, it became known that the Arkhangelskoe enterprise had purchased several thousand tons of fish for the agency - 56 kg per prisoner.

The St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office has found no violations in the Arkhangelskoe Federal State Unitary Enterprise's purchase of  fish for 2.2 billion rubles ($37.4m) for Russian prisons, RBC reports.

RBC asked the Prosecutor's Office to check procurement of fish for prisoners, in which the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Arkhangelskoe is engaged. Earlier, Rus Sidyashchaya movement (Rus in prison) revealed corruption signs in several contracts of Arkhangelskoe. Since the beginning of 2017, Arkhangelskoe as a customer has made deals with commercial structures for 2.5 billion rubles ($40m) in total. 2.2 billion ($37.4m) of them for the purchase of fish and fish products, and as a supplier - 3.2 billion rubles ($54m), followed from the data of SPARK-Interfax. During this year the enterprise purchased 35.2 thousand tones of fish. It is known that there were 630.000 prisoners in Russia as of 1st of January 2017, but it turned out that for ten months of the year Arkhangelskoe purchased 56 kg of fish for each of them.

"Violations of the current legislation in the performance of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Arkhangelskoe Federal Penitentiary Service contracts with the territorial bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, as well as cases of infringement or violation of rights during procurement procedures during the audit is not established", the Prosecutor's Office said in its statement. Sergey Zorkin, an enforcement of anti-corruption legislation, signed it. The department came to the conclusion that the company takes sufficient measures to prevent the corruption. "Affiliation factors among procurement participants and officials of FSUE Arkhangelskoe of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russian Federation have not been identified," Zorkin sums up.

Possible violations in the Arkhangelskoe earlier drew attention of the Rus Sidyashchaya movement (Rus in prison). According to head of the legal department of the organization Alexey Fedyarov, contracts contain signs of corruption and so-called double purchases, when different budget institutions several times acquire each other. In fact, the same goods, each time paying the full cost for it from the budget. At the same time, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise assigns all contracts and cash flows associated with purchases for colonies and pretrial detention centers throughout the country, as indicated in Rus Sidyashchaya.

In several cases, at almost equal prices, tenders were won, remote from the delivery site by several thousand kilometers. In other cases, one of the participants in the competition during the rebidding significantly reduced the proposed price. Then, after signing the contract, it was raised at the expense of additional agreements, Rus Sidyashchayaindicated. In some cases, large transactions were concluded in the framework of purchasing from a single supplier, as well as with companies registered in the register of legal entities more recently - a few months before the transaction.



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