Prosecutor's office asked Italy to extradite owner of Arctic Mining Company Dmitry Bosov

Prosecutor's office asked Italy to extradite owner of Arctic Mining Company Dmitry Bosov
Dmitry Bosov

Bosov is suspected of inflicting 2 billion rubles ($30.7 mln) of damage on illegal business activities.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation asked the Italian authorities for the extradition of the owner of the Arctic Mining Company (AGK), Dmitry Bosov, reports Telegram channel SILOVIKI. According to the channel, Bosov is suspected of inflicting 2 billion rubles ($30.7) in damage to the subsoil through illegal business activities.

RBC media reported earlier On initiating a criminal case against "unidentified persons from among the management of the AGK," citing a source familiar with the investigation, and the source in the Ministry of Environment. The Krasnoyarsk Department of the Federal Security Service (FSB) initiated a case under the article “Illegal entrepreneurial activity” (Article 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) in connection with the illegal production and sale of coal in Taimyr.

Then it was reported that Bosov was on the case as a witness. A source close to the daughter company of AGK, VostokUgol company, reported that the businessman is not a witness.

Photographs of the decision to initiate proceedings against the management of the AGK, dated April 8, originally appeared in the Telegram channel Nezygar. A protocol of interrogation of the company's general director Vadim Bugaev was also published there. RBC sources confirmed the authenticity of these documents.

Since December 19, 2014, the Arctic Mining Company owned an exploration license for the Malaya Lemberova River in Taimyr. In December 2016, the company opened the Malolemberovskoye field in this area, and in 2017 it received an operational license. However, as early as September 2016, the prosecutor of the Taimyr district of the Krasnoyarsk region conducted an inspection of this site, as a result of which the Rosprirodnadzor accused the company of extracting anthracite brand coal without project documentation. The damage caused to the subsoil was estimated at 2.1 billion rubles ($32.2mln). AGK did not agree with this and filed a lawsuit to declare an unscheduled inspection of Rosprirodnadzor illegal. FSB was brought to the dispute of AGK with the office as a third party. In 2018, the court rejected the company's claim and its appeal.

Subsequently, Rosprirodnadzor reduced the requirements for AGK to 954 million rubles ($14.6mln). In March 2018, Bugaev proposed that the department conclude a settlement agreement, reducing the fine to 429.1 million rubles ($6.6mln), but the reaction to this proposal is unknown.

The decision to initiate a criminal case states that from the end of 2014 to May 2017, unidentified persons from the management of the AGK in order to extract income concluded with several contracting organizations (Ugletrans, Taymyrugl and Industrial Solutions) agreements for the execution of works on coal mining, transportation, construction of a marine terminal for the shipment of coal for the purpose of its subsequent sale under the guise of large-scale sampling (100–200 thousand tons). At the same time, the contractors mined at least 323 tons of coal in the area of the Malaya Lemberova River and sold it to the Trade and Industry Union for 69.7 million rubles ($1.1mln). From the document it follows that this is a particularly large income.



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