Prosecutor General: Russia will not let Bill Browder "sleep peacefully"

Prosecutor General: Russia will not let Bill Browder "sleep peacefully"

The Russian Prosecutor General commented on the recent detention of Bill Browder in Madrid, saying that Russia would not let the financier "sleep peacefully".

Russia's Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that Russia would not let Bill Browder, the founder of the Hermitage Capital fund, "sleep peacefully." Russia has convicted Browder in absentia twice and is still seeking his arrest.

Commenting on the release of Browder in Spain, Chaika said: "We believe that Interpol acts are free from political motives, they must do what they have to - search for a criminal. Browder is a criminal, it’s obvious for everyone, we have a verdict that entered into legal force in the Russian Federation," RIA Novosti quotes the Prosecutor's words.

Yuri Chaika also promised that Russia would take even "more powerful measures on the international arena" to detain the financier. "We will not let Browder sleep peacefully," the Russian Prosecutor General declared.

In May this year, Browder announced that he was detained by the Spanish police at Russia’s request to Interpol. However, he was released an hour later. The press service of the Spanish police explained this with the fact that the warrant for Browder’s arrest had expired.

Russia has convicted Browder in absentia twice and both times sentenced him to nine years in prison (on charges of deliberate bankruptcy and non-payment of taxes). The financier was declared internationally wanted. Interpol has repeatedly denied Russia’s requests on his detention due to “political motives” of the Russian side.

After the Spanish police released Browder, Interpol announced that the head of the Hermitage Capital Management Fund was not in the organization's list of wanted. " There is not, and never has been, a Red Notice for Bill Browder. Mr Browder is not wanted via INTERPOL channels," the organization's message on Twitter said.



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