Prosecution witness in case of ex-Governor Belykh suspected of real estate fraud

Prosecution witness in case of ex-Governor Belykh suspected of real estate fraud
Roman Tsukanov Photo: Kommersant

Businessman Roman Tsukanov is a defendant in the cases of swindling with the property of Elikon Paper Mill and illegal registration of this property.

The ICR has initiated the second criminal case, the defendant in which is Kirov businessman Roman Tsukanov, who was one of the main witnesses in the case of ex-Governor of the Kirov region NIkita Belykh, Kommersant reports. Previously, Tsukanov and two of his alleged accomplices were charged with Swindling on an Especially Large Scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) with the property of Elikon Paper Mill. Now they are defendants in the case of Rosreestr Kirov branch employees, who illegally registered property in the name of businessmen (part 2 of Art. 285.3 of the Russian Criminal Code).

The ICR Investigations Directorate in the Kirov region is in charge of both cases. The case of the paper mill property concerns fraud in acquiring the buildings of the printing shop and the waste shop for at least 9 million rubles ($138,690). According to the investigation, the participants in the fraud scheme included Tsukanov, Ilya Ogorodnikov, lawyer of Novovyatsky Ski Plant JSC headed by Tsukanov, and Sergey Martynov, property manager of the Kosinskaya Paper Mill Property Complex LLC. All three of them were detained in early 2019 in Moscow. Back then, the Basmanny Court arrested them, but already in March, the Pervomaysky District Court of Kirov refused to extend their arrest because there was no criminal component in the case. Their defense insisted that the previous management of Kosinskaya Paper Mill Property Complex LLC illegally withdrew assets from the ownership of the enterprise, and Martynov, on the contrary, returned them to the general bankruptcy estate through courts.

Meanwhile, the investigation looked into the circumstances of acquisition of the disputed property. It turned out that in October 2018, Martynov appealed to the municipal services office with a statement on the registration of ownership rights to the building of a waste paper processing site in the village of Murygino, Yuryansky district, Kirov region, in the name of Kosinskaya Paper Mill Property Complex LLC. Among the documents, there was no sale and purchase agreement between Kosinskaya Paper Mill Property Complex LLC and Elikon, therefore, the Kirov branch of Rosreestr suspended the registration. Later, as the investigation found out, Martynov brought the sale and purchase agreement to the municipal services office. The law on registration of real estate requires the presentation of originals of sale agreements, however, despite this, Rosreestr employees registered the ownership right of the Kosinskaya Paper Mill for the building and entered this information into the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

Later, the established that printing shops, reinforced concrete dam, driveway structures, and a dining room in Murygino passed into the ownership of Kosinskaya in the same way (based on copies of documents). The total value of facilities is more than 60 million rubles ($923,100).

On August 1, searches were conducted in Rosreestr branch in the Kirov region, including in the offices of the leadership. The activities were conducted by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Kirov region. In the near future, the investigation intends to establish the identity of those involved in fraud.



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