Promsvyazbank demands to dissolve Aleksey Ananiev’s marriage contract through legal action

Promsvyazbank demands to dissolve Aleksey Ananiev’s marriage contract through legal action
Aleksey Ananiev

Two months before the bailout, the bank’s ex-owner transferred all his real estate to his spouse.

Moscow’s Meshchansky court has commenced hearings into a complaint by Promsvyazbank that demands to dissolve a marriage contract of one of its ex-owners - Aleksey Ananiev and his spouse Daria, reports RBC. According to an agreement that had been tied two months before the bailout, Ananiev transferred all his real estate, as well as around 5 thousand works of art to his spouse. The bank demands a compensation worth of 282 billion rubles ($4.2 billion) from the businessman.

The trial that had been scheduled for August 20 was postponed for unknown reasons. The new trial is scheduled for September 12.

According to TASS, during the trial on Tuesday, representatives of the sides made a request to get access to the documents. The requests were partially granted. The judge refused to initiate a criminal case and transferred the case to Moscow’s Meshchansky court.

Before the bailout in December, 2017, Promsvyazbank was owned by Dmitry and Aleksey Ananiev. In December, 2018, Rosimushchestvo (Federal Agency for State Property Management) - that became an owner of the bank at the time - sued Ananievs, having demanded to pay for damage worth of 282.2 billion rubles ($4.2 billion). The Federal Agency theory is that the brothers had used the bank’s money to pay for their own debts.

In May, Moscow’s Arbitration court arrested Ananiev’s property, having partially met the claim of the bank. There was a building and collection of a museum of the Institute of Russian Realist Art, as well as more than 50 real property items - including accommodation units and land properties, as well as 2 aircrafts Bombardier Challenger 650 and cars - among the arrested property.

After the court delivered its sentence, the Institute of Russian Realist Art was closed. In 2 weeks, the bank announced about loss of the arrested works of art of the museum. The examination determined that the arrested works of art had been removed from the exhibition. The museum’s staff say that the pictures were placed in a depositary and prepared for transportation. The exhibition was mainly represented by works of art of artists from 60s - including the current members of the Russian Academy of Arts: Geliya Korzheva, Sergey and Aleksey Tkachev, Viktor Ivanov, Pyotr Ossovsky, Dmitry Zhilinsky, Tair Sakharov and others.

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