Primorye: bank teller steals $432k

Primorye: bank teller steals $432k

An employee of a credit institution loaded money into ATMs and took a part to herself.

The Frunzensky Court of Vladivostok will consider a criminal case against a bank teller accused of misappropriating more than 28 million rubles, or $432,399 (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Russian Criminal Code). The regional prosecutor's office has approved the indictment and sent the materials to the court for consideration on merits, the press service of the supervisory authority reports.

According to the investigation, during November 2018, the defendant took part of the money from the amounts she received for loading into ATMs. As a result, the internal security service exposed the embezzlement. The bank has filed a civil claim for damages. It is noted that the cashier has worked in the credit institution for about 10 years.



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