Possible attempt of Zenit Arena's illegal takeover

Possible attempt of Zenit Arena's illegal takeover

In an open letter to the governor of St. Petersburg, the general contractor of the Zenit Arena, Inzhtransstroy-Spb, announced that it had suspended the contract for the construction of the stadium. The company claims that the St. Petersburg government is trying to break the deadline in every way possible.

The general contractor of the Zenit Arena, Inzhtransstroy-Spb, sent a letter to the governor of St. Petersburg, accusing the city government of trying to break the deadline for the completion of the stadium. Among the problems caused by the officials, representatives of the company name lack of approved design decisions, failure to provide working documents to the general contractor in time, lack of the budget documentation, and discrepancies between the volume of work and the project documentation.

The media cites an excerpt from a letter by the general contractor: "It is virtually impossible to change the general contractor at this stage, when the 85% of the officially accepted works have been completed, and when it is necessary to complete the construction within 11 months before the start of the Confederations Cup in June 2017. The procedures related to the renewal of the state contract, the transfer of documentation and the construction site, would further postpone the deadline for the stadium for at least six months."

Employees of the company explained that they were forced to resort to this letter in the last attempt to draw the attention of the masses and the city governor to the crisis situation around the construction of the stadium. At the same time, Inzhtransstroy-Spb stressed that, despite the inability to perform the work in full because of the customer, the company continues the construction "at the level allowed by our documentation”.

Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko commented on the conflict between the city authorities and the general contractor. The official said that the administration of St. Petersburg and the construction company "are doomed to agree." On a side note, the minister noted that the construction of the St. Petersburg stadium is under the control of the Russian President.

However, these words do not bring much weight in the light of recent events. The general contractor issued a statement that on the evening of July 13, they were faced with an illegal takeover attempt. Several sub-contractors (in a statement, these companies are named as Leokam, ElProm, Upravleniye Stroitelstva 620) intended to stop the construction of the stadium by preventing the builders and construction equipment from accessing the workplace. The situation was brought under control only with the arrival of the police and the prosecutor's office members.

Moreover, the company issued a statement, refuting the fact that the city authorities helped settle the conflict. On the contrary, Inzhtransstroy-Spb once again accused the administration of trying to break the deadline and the disclosing information, which discredits the business reputation of the construction company.



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