Port Bronk can move from arrested Mihalchenko to Arkady Rotenberg

Port Bronk can move from arrested Mihalchenko to Arkady Rotenberg

The resignation of the Head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) Belianinov and the detention of Mihalchenko affected on the fate of the sea transshipment complex in St. Peterburg.

Arrested billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko may lose port Bronk, wrote magazine Business Petersburg, arguing this point with a number of reasons and factors.

Several of sources of the edition, which are intimately familiar with the business of the holding Forum, believe that this probability is very high.

"This problem is solved at the highest level. The control under the port can go, for example, to Arkady Rotenberg. Perhaps as a reward for the risks incurred in connection with the construction of the Kerch bridge,” - stated the version of one of the interlocutors.

Port Bronk is a constructed multifunctional marine terminal in the Big Port of St. Petersburg. The complex is located on the south bank of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland to the north-east of the intersection of Saint Petersburg Ring Road (A118) and A120. Three quarters of the project belongs to the state, the remaining assets to the holding company, controlled by arrested billionaire Dmitry Mihalchenko, who invested in it 23 billion rubles.

As the newspaper wrote, at the moment it is known that Bronk port did not received preferences from the Federal Customs Service, which expected, opening the electronic declaration Center (EDC) in the port.

When the FCS was led by Belianinov and Mihalchenko was free, it was assumed that the EDC in Bronk can remotely carry out customs clearance, and other posts of the Baltic Customs will only accept and inspect the goods that will give to Bronk serious competitive advantage.

Such a redistribution of functions would complicate customs clearance procedure and led the big share of the freight traffic of St. Petersburg to Bronk, so Mihalchenko could quickly recoup the investment in the construction of the terminal, wrote Business Petersburg.

However, the cargo turnover falls as a filling of the Baltic ports (from 61% in 2014 to 47% in 2015). If earlier investors were planning to leave in profit for 10 years now, this period may be increased by three times.

Currently the Bronk port is loaded less than 10%, experts said. In this situation and in the position of the accused in the pre-trial detention center, which Mihalchenko there is now, the best option for him would be to transfer the assets or part thereof to the state structure, said the director of the Russian logistics provider company Ruslan Kiss. In this case, Mihalchenko will be allowed to sell anything from the port property belonging to him, he said.

Recall that Dmitry Mihalchenko , being in custody since 29 March 2016, is a defendant in a criminal case under article 200.2 of the Criminal Code, (Smuggling of Alcohol by an organized group), instituted on the fact of illegal transportation a large batch of elite alcohol across the border and non-payment of customs duties. In addition, controlled by him company is involved in the sensational case of embezzlement at the Ministry of Culture.



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