Polonsky’s case removed to court

Polonsky’s case removed to court
Sergey Polonsky

The Interior Ministry reported the termination of the criminal investigation against the businessman Sergey Polonsky.

The developer was charged with swindling in the construction of residential complexes Rublevskaya Riviera and Kutuzovskaya mile in 2008-2009.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk told, the Polonsky's case was removed to the court for consideration on the merits. The Deputy Prosecutor General indictment has been already approved. It is worth noting that two weeks ago the investigation changed Polonsky’s article to more grave one, requalifing the accusation on swindling committed by an organized group.

In case of conviction, the businessman may be sentenced to imprisonment up to 10 years. Together with the developer there will be the Head of the Mirax Group finance department Alexander Paperno and the CEO of LLC Avanta Alexey Pronyakin, who are also charged under article 159 of the Criminal Code, on the dock.

Besides them, defendants in the Mirax Group shareholders' case are members of the Mirax Board of Directors Aleksey Adikaev, Maxim Temnikov, Dmitry Lutsenko, who are declared in the international search.



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