Polonsky offered judge to perform 100 squats to prove his innocence

Polonsky offered judge to perform 100 squats to prove his innocence
Sergey Polonsky

Sergey Polonsky has long been known for his eccentric actions and outrageous statements, but according to forensic psychiatric examination, he is completely sane.

Businessman Sergey Polonsky has promised the judge to perform 100 squats in order to confirm his innocence over the charges of swindling in the construction of Kutuzovskaya Milya and Rublevskaya Rivyera residential complexes.

During the interrogation in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, the accused once again pleaded not guilty and denied the charges of cheating the shareholders. On the contrary, he stated that his company had been prospering.

Polonsky swore to speak only the truth, promising to do 100 squats, if he tells lies. In response, the judge invited the accused to begin squatting right away. Polonsky's lawyer Aleksey Tsaplin later clarified that Polonsky's statement was a joke.

It should be noted that the defendant is known for being eccentric. In 2010, there was an incident when Polonsky burst onto the room, where Mirax Group Board’s meeting was held, grabbed the Board members’ cell phones lying on a separate table, broke them against the wall, and rapidly left the room. This and other acts and statements (the fact both his son and dog are named Mirax, and that Polonsky has spent a day in a buried coffin on a cemetery), gave rise to serious doubts about the businessman's sanity. However, the forensic examination carried out after Polonsky was extradited from Cambodia to Russia in May 2015, completely denied his incompetency.

Sergey Polonsky is accused of swindling in the amount of 2.6 billion dollars received from customers for the construction of two luxury residential complexes. The businessman had been hiding from justice in Cambodia, but was extradited to Russia. Other defendants in the case include former Mirax Chief Financial Officer Aleksandr Paperno and Aleksey Pronyakin, the former CEO of the company, which had been exercising the functions of Mirax-Fili's technical customer, and that of the co-investor company Avanta.



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