Polonsky got out of courtroom, but left in jail

Polonsky got out of courtroom, but left in jail
Sergey Polonsky

The Moscow City Court extended the detention of the businessman Sergey Polonsky, accused of the large-scale swindling committed by an organized group.

The court dismissed the Polonsky defense's appeal on a change the measure of restraint to the businessman on house arrest and, on the contrary, granted the request of the investigation to extend Polonsky's detention until 10 November.

It should be noted that the defendant in the course of the hearing was got out from the courtroom for improper behavior and a direct contempt by the judge Sergey Gruzdev. In particular, Polonsky said that he "does not want to participate in this circus", after that the convoy brought him out of the courtroom.

On October 14 the investigation consequently changed Polonsky's article to more grave one, qualified his act as the crime committed as part of a criminal group.

The businessman is accused of defrauding shareholders in the construction of a number of residential complexes in Moscow. The amount of damage, according to investigators, estimated to more than 2.5 billion rubles. Polonsky denies his guilt.



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