Police investigates Zhilishchnik for employing dummy cleaning lady

Police investigates Zhilishchnik for employing dummy cleaning lady

The management received salary of a cleaning lady that did not work for a single day.

Unidentified Zhilishchnik Rayona Lyublino State-Financed Institution employees made 825 thousand rubles ($14,500) in such a manner, according to the police.

On Febryary 22, the MIA Directorate in the Moscow South-Eastern Administrative District launched a criminal investigation following the discovery, according to RBC’s MIA source. The information was later confirmed by a MIA Investigative Department employee.

“Unidentified Zhilishchnik managers deliberately stole money allocated from the budget to pay salary to Zhilishchnik employees,” the police source said. The company employed the woman in 2014, according to the source.

“The employee did not actually work there, while unidentified managers opened a bank account in Bank Moskvy and received her salary,” the source noted. The damage amounted to 825,000 rubles.

The police opened a criminal case for violation of Article 159, part 3 (Swindling) of the Russian Criminal Code, the MIA Investigative Department source added.

There is a campaign against dummy employees in Moscow, according to the police source. “The police have launched the investigation following a motion by Moscow prosecutors who had received numerous complaints regarding violations by utility companies,” the source noted.

The police had launched 3 criminal investigations in the Moscow Eastern Administrative District on February 19. It is investigating unidentified people working for Zhilishchnik Rayona Sokolniki State-Financed Institution. They caused about half a million rubles ($8,800) worth of damage. The investigations were launched for violations of Article 159 of the Code.



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