Police detain Ramzan Tsitsulaev, ex-plenipotentiary of Chechen head wanted for fraud

Police detain Ramzan Tsitsulaev, ex-plenipotentiary of Chechen head wanted for fraud
Ramzan Kadyrov and Ramzan Tsitsulaev

Police have detained Ramzan Kadyrov’s former authorized representative in Ukraine on the Russia-Ukraine border.

Ramzan Tsitsulaev, former Ramzan Kadyrov's plenipotentiary in Ukraine has been detained in the Bryansk region as he was crossing the Ukrainian border into Russia, Rosbalt reported citing a law enforcement source. Russia issued an arrest warrant for Tsitsulaev in 2014.

The newspaper notes that Tsitsulaev has already been transported to Matrosskaya Tishina, the Moscow prison. According to Rosbalt, before being detained by the Russian operatives, the ex-plenipotentiary had been captured by a special unit of the Security Service of Ukraine called Alfa and told his stay in Ukraine was undesirable. Tsitsulaev was taken under escort to the Russia-Ukraine border and handed over to Russian law enforcement officers.

According to Rosbalt, the investigating authorities are also going to charge the former official with Abduction (Art. 126 of the Criminal Code) and Extortion (Art. 163 of the Criminal Code).

We should remind that Ramzan Tsitsulaev was involved in a criminal case of major Swindling (Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) and Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power (Art. 318 of the Criminal Code) in 2014.

According to the investigators, Ramzan Tsitsulaev took over 50.000 euros from the wife of the arrested entrepreneur Andrei Novikov, promising her to arrange her husband’s release. The total amount Tsitsulaev wanted was actually 500.000 euros, as the CrimeRussia reported previously. The defendant told Novikov’s wife that he had some ties in the investigative bodies that could help to have Novikov out of jail, but according to the investigation, Tsitsulaev was misleading the woman.

After an unsuccessful attempt to detain Tsitsulaev (as his security guards helped him escape), he was put on the wanted list at the request of the Russian Investigative Committee for Moscow. The former official was hiding in his homeland for some time, according to reports, but since his family lives in Ukraine, he returned to the country and spent there a year.



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