Person included in “Titov’s list” suggested Senator Rossel to resign because probe launched against his former team

Person included in “Titov’s list” suggested Senator Rossel to resign because probe launched against his former team
Eduard Rossel

Entourage of the Sverdovsk Region ex-governor bought luxury housing for 30% of the already lowered value.

Former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region Sergey Kapchuk accused the administration of the regional ex-governor, who now is a member of the Federation Council, Eduard Rossel, of real estate fraud and suggested that the senator temporarily resign. He wrote about this in an open address to the senator, to which he asked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to pay attention.

"Luxurious two bedroom apartment in Moscow on the Nezhinskaya St. 14 was “acquired” on 09/05/1996 from Guta-Finance at a price of only 110,000 rubles ($ 1,650) The Guta group at that time was headed by your predecessor, the former first secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional executive committee, Yury Petrov. Six months earlier, two more luxury four-storey penthouses were also purchased at the same address in the building 5, each 321 square meters,” Kapchuk wrote.

According to the entrepreneur, the officials from the former Rossel’s team repeatedly privatized housing for 30% of the book value, which was also unjustifiably understated. Then, the elite real estate was sold to the Cyprus offshore through the SUE Monetno-Shchebenochny Zavod.

In his open letter, Krapchuk suggests that Rossel gives up the senator’s authority during the time when the law enforcement agencies verify these facts. In particular, Kapchuk accuses Sergey Turunovsky, the former governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, who fled Russia after Krapchuk returned there. Earlier, Krapchuk left the country because of criminal prosecution.

According to the entrepreneur, his case mentions an apartment in which he did not live and which was bought for the needs of the regional representative office under the president of Russia.

Krapchuk returned to Russia with the assistance of business ombudsman Boris Titov, who promised all fugitive businessmen to monitor the investigation of their criminal objectivity.



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