Perm official stole 2.5 billion rubles of utility payments and hid from investigation in Cyprus

Perm official stole 2.5 billion rubles of utility payments and hid from investigation in Cyprus

On July 7 the Leningrad District Court of Perm issued a warrant in absentia for the arrest of the former Deputy Head of the collection of housing and public utilities of Perm administration Alexander Morozov. He is accused of fraud. According to investigators, Morozov headed a gang that stole 26.8 million rubles. Since then, the official has been a wanted fugitive. When the warrant was issued, he promised to return, but has not.Perm’s Investigative Office of its General Investigative Administration of the General Administration of Internal Affairs reported that Morozov has gone to ground in Cyprus.

According to investigators, Alexander Morozov was leader of a gang that from March 2012 to March 2013 stole utility payments of the residents of apartment buildings.

Svetlana Streltsova, a legal representative of one of the victims, Permskay Setevaya Companiya (Perm Network Company) limited liability company, said that the criminal case over the theft of 26.8 million is only the first of eight cases. The total damages exceed 2.5 bln. rubles.

The first warrant of arrest in absentia, issued on June 10 was canceled, and the petition was returned for review. Evidence of new employment with Ecotech Limited liability company was submitted, confirming that Morozov is on a business trip and air travel had been booked for travel from Moscow to Perm on 28 June 2016.

Investigators found, however, that all the evidences were forged. Ecotech company management has confirmed that this employee has never worked for it.

Prosecutor Andrei Baluev supported the investigators' request for the arrest of the fugitive official. According to Baluev, this measure is necessary because Morozov intimidates witnesses.

Bryazgunov, counsel for the accused, objected to this preventive measure, but judge Natalya Malysheva sided with the prosecutor and ordered the arrest of Morozov upon his detention. 



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