Peresvet-Invest Head caught with fraud

Peresvet-Invest Head caught with fraud
Oleg Pronin

The investigation believes that Oleg Pronin was involved in embezzlement in Peresvet bank.

Capital investigators have detained Oleg Pronin, the Head of Peresvet-Invest development group of companies, Kommersant reports, citing a source. The entrepreneur was rounded up in one of the capital's airports after arriving in Moscow from a business trip.

The source claims that the company Head is a suspect in a case of embezzlement of more than 300 million rubles ($4.4 m) at Peresvet bank. It is noteworthy that so far Pronin has been the only person targeted in the case, which may well be one of the most notorious this year.

The investigation is checking transactions worth several billion rubles concluded by developers and the former management of the bank. It was with the help of the group of companies, according to the source, that millions were funneled abroad.

To recap, earlier it was reported about a criminal case initiated under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - Swindling. 330 million rubles ($4.8 m) received as a loan from Atrom LLC were stolen from Peresvet Bank, the investigation claims.

In particular, the money, according to the inference of the operatives, was converted into currency and transferred to the accounts of a Cyprus offshore, which was controlled by the same Oleg Pronin. The bank loan expired two years ago, but the money was never returned.

It was also then that Peresvet started to suffer financial problems. In 2016, the Central Bank called the policy of the credit institution high-risk and doubtful, introducing a temporary administration in it. In 2017, the reorganization was announced, at that time the Central Bank estimated the hole in the capital of the organization at over 103 billion rubles ($1.5 b). The bank is still being rehabilitated with the help of the RRDB bank controlled by Rosneft.

The publication notes that Oleg Pronin is surprised at his detention - he believed that all claims against him were removed after the Central Bank began reorganizing Peresvet, closing the hole in it. At the same time, he allegedly stated that it was one of the former leaders of Peresvet, who is now abroad, that was most likely complicit in the embezzlement if it did take place.



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