Payments to investors of Tatfondbank to constitute 57 billion rubles

Payments to investors of Tatfondbank to constitute 57 billion rubles

The amount of insurance to be covered by Deposit Insurance Agency to investors of Tatfondbank can exceed 57 billion rubles.⁠

As DIA reported to Interfax, according to the official reporting of Tatfondbank for October 1 the total amount of household deposits in bank, including individual entrepreneurs, constituted 77 billion rubles. Of this amount the liability of DIA on payment of insurance indemnity constituted 57.6 billion rubles.

“Final amount and structure of deposits will be established within forming temporary administration for register of bank’s liabilities to the investors. The register will be created in seven-day time from the date of a loss occurrence”, declared in DIA.

The Central Bank on Thursday imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors of Tatfondbank for a period of three months what under the law is an insured case. Payments to investors of Tatfondbank will begin no later than December 29, agent banks will be chosen till December 21.

The temporary administration will perform a check of financial condition of the bank, on the results of which offers of its further activities will be developed.

On Monday, Tatfondbank introduced restrictions for cash withdrawal in ATMs and issue of deposits to the population. On Tuesday regime of short working day was introduced at offices of the bank, a part of divisions was closed. Then the credit institution reported about suspension from December 14 to December 17 of settlement and cash customer service for development and implementation of a package of measures for liquidity recovery. The problems with it started since December 7 in connection with the increased demand for early closing of deposits, credit institution noted earlier.

Following the results of three quarters of 2016, Tatfondbank takes the 43rd place by the size of assets in the ranking Interfax-100 prepared by Interfax-CEA.

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