Participant of 'Moldavian laundering scheme' Vyacheslav Platon cut in Chisinau prison

Participant of 'Moldavian laundering scheme' Vyacheslav Platon cut in Chisinau prison
Vyacheslav Platon

The National Penitentiary Administration of Moldova denies this information.

A prisoner sentenced to 18 years for embezzling and serving the funds of a Moldovan politician and businessman Vyacheslav Platon, who is serving time in Chisinau Prison No. 13, could have been stabbed on the night of February 21-22. Platon's lawyer Alexander Botnaryuk told this to

Another lawyer of Platon Ion Kretsu, confirmed this information to Newsmaker, noting that they reported the incident to the businessman’s wife.

According to the lawyers, Plato "was twice stabbed and thrown into the common cell."

Botnaryuk says that it is impossible to check the information about stabbing Platon, since he and his relatives are not allowed into the correctional facility. The lawyer noted that the doctor of the prison hospital ignores the questions of lawyers about the state of health of their client.

Meanwhile, in the National Administration of Penitentiary Institutions of Moldova calls this information “erroneous”, noting that in this correctional institution no such incidents were recorded.

Vyacheslav Platon was a partner of the first Moldovan commercial bank Victoriabank created in 1989 and the head of the Democratic Party of Moldova Vladimir Plakhotnyuk, whom the ICR accuses in absentia of creating a criminal group to prepare an assassination attempt on his political opponent Renato Usatyi.

In 2017, a Chisinau court sentenced Platon to 18 years in prison. The investigation proved his guilt in money laundering and embezzlement on a particularly large scale. According to the investigation, Platon stole about a billion lei ($50 million at the exchange rate of the time). He called his sentence a “political order”, and called his former business partner Vladimir Plakhotnyuk the customer of the case against him.

Earlier, on February 22, it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation suspected Platon and Plakhotnyuk of organizing an international criminal community that had withdrawn more than 37 billion rubles ($566mln) from the country. Both partners have both Moldovan and Russian citizenship.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2013-2014, the organizers of the "laundry" transferred money from the accounts of their companies at Zapadny Bank and the Russian Land Bank to foreign firms under the pretext of selling currency.

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