One of billionaire Mikhalchenko’s accomplices released on bail of 10 million

One of billionaire Mikhalchenko’s accomplices released on bail of 10 million
Dmitry Mikhalchenko

Ilya Pichko, who was accused of smuggling elite alcohol, has been released from prison at the request of the Investigative Committee, on bail of 10 million rubles.

A defendant in the case of billionaire Mikhalchenko, Ilya Pichko, was released from custody at the request of the investigation. The Russian Investigative Committee requested to change the preventive measure for Pichko that Basmanny Court of Moscow extended until July 29. The court was persuaded by the arguments of the investigators, who claimed that no other preventive measure can guarantee that Pichko would not hide from justice.

However, after the interrogation, the investigators changed their minds. A source close to the case suggests that this happened due to the facts, which previously had not been disclosed by Pichko. Most likely, they expose himself and the other defendants in the case.

CEO of Southeast Trading Company Ilya Pichko is one of the defendants in the Mikhalchenko case. The others are billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko, co-owner of the Contrail Logistic Northwest Company Anatoly Kindzersky, and former deputy head of the Security Directorate for Combatting Economic Crimes under the Main Department of Russian Interior Ministry in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and currently head of the security service of the Forum holding, Boris Korevsky. All four of them were smuggling elite alcohol. The defendants were charged under art. 200.2 para. 3 of the Russian Criminal Code (smuggling of alcoholic beverages by an organized group).

The main person involved in this high-profile case, one of the wealthiest people of St. Petersburg, Dmitry Mikhalchenko, currently remains in jail. Earlier, his lawyers asked to release their client on bail, but their request was denied. The accused refused to plead guilty.



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