Olympic champion gives $30.000 to fortune teller

Olympic champion gives $30.000 to fortune teller
Adelina Sotnikova

As soon as the athlete realized the woman was a fraudster, she turned to the police.

Figure skater Adelina Sotnikova became a victim of fraud, according to REN TV.

The 23-year-old Olympic champion turned to a certain fortune teller on Instagram, asking her to tell what would happen to her in the love department. According to Sotnikova, the fortune teller was called Olga and she promised to help the woman remotely.

However, the fortune teller asked for an advance payment. The athlete agreed and transferred 2 million rubles ($30.000) to the witch’s account but the woman has been unreachable since.

Then Sotnikova turned to the police and the incidence is being investigated.

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