Novikov claims rally of shared construction participants was staged

Novikov claims rally of shared construction participants was staged
Alexander Novikov

The musician believes that the case brought against him has been fabricated.

Well-known Russian singer-songwriter Alexander Novikov said the Buhta Kvins co-investors who took to the streets were corrupt people.

"Only three of them are real, the rest are mummers," Novikov said on Facebook commenting on the yesterday’s rally.

Earlier, the Sverdlovsk Office of the Investigative Committee brought in a final indictment against Novikov charging him of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). The singer, as well as two other defendants (former deputy economy minister of the region, Mikhail Shilimanov, and ex-general director of LLC Svetoyar, Larisa Assonova) are accused of stealing the funds of Buhta Kvins co-investors. There are 60 victims in the case with the estimated damage of 50 million rubles ($840.000).

The failed developer claims he has been framed.

По мнению бизнесмена люди митингуют за деньги

Novikov on Facebook:

I’ve just looked through the pictures of Buhta Kvins co-investors protest. Only three of them are real, the rest are mummers who were paid to carry the slogans. Just like the previous times, though.  

Dear co-investors, do you recognize anyone from the ones rallying so aggressively on your behalf?

"The charges are self-contradictory conjectures of the investigators, and the examination results were used improperly," he wrote. According to Novikov, the construction costs even exceeded the amount the cooperative had collected by 15 million rubles ($250.000). He said that he personally invested 72 million rubles ($1.2m) in the project to complete the construction.

Now, according to Novikov's statement, it is the investigators who are to blame for the co-investors’ sufferings since they refuse to give them the Cooperative/Developer contracts seized from the company's office, and it is impossible to formalize the ownership rights without them.

According to the investigation, the defendants knew that the private construction company had already performed part of the work on its own, however, the participants’ funds were wired to the accounts of other companies that did not actually perform the work between 2010 and 2012. Then, according to the investigation, the money would be cashed.

As a reminder: Alexander Novikov decided to build a villa settlement in 2008. Buhta Kvins was supposed to have 56 houses, and the total amount contributed by the shared construction participants exceeded 150 million rubles ($2.5m). In 2011, the construction was suspended. After a statement filed by the co-investors in 2015, the MIA for the Sverdlovsk region instituted a criminal case on swindling on an especially large scale. In February 2017, the case file was passed to the regional Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee.



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