Nota-Bank's case: fortuneteller made a deal with investigation

Nota-Bank's case: fortuneteller made a deal with investigation

Fortuneteller Nona Mihai being the defendant in a criminal case of embezzlement in Nota-Bank repented and admitted her guilt. She also expressed her willingness to enter into a pre-trial agreement.

The accused of fraud on an especially large scale asked for herself the house arrest and protection of the family; it was revealed today at the Moscow City Court, which appointed a preventive measure to Marchukova sisters and Nona Mihai. As a result, all three were remanded in custody until 18 February.

Recall, it became known about the appearance of ‘hereditary fortuneteller’ in Nota-Bank’s embezzlement case in the end of October.

According to investigators, Nona Mihai provided services not only to sisters Galina and Larisa Marchukova, but the main defendant in another high-profile case - Acting Head of the MIA GUEBiPK Department T Dmitry Zakharchenko.

According to investigators, Mihai often ‘advised' bank's CFO Galina Marchukova and "gave her advice on business, based on divination and fortune-telling".

It should be noted the interrogation report of Larisa Marchukova and audio recording of their conversation became the evidence of Mihai‘s guilt.

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