Nota-Bank's case: arrest of Marchukova sisters is legal

Nota-Bank's case: arrest of Marchukova sisters is legal

On Monday, the Moscow City Court considered the legality of arrest extension of Nota-Bank CFO Galina Marchukova, her sister Larisa and fortuneteller Nona Mihai on charges of depositors’s funds embezzlement.

As reported by RIA Novosti from the courtroom, the arrest was lawful. A preventive measure is extended until 18 February.

Recall that MIA GUEBiPK Acting Head of the Department T Colonel Zakharchenko is suspected of involvement in the theft from Nota-Bank. It was reported that he was familiar with Galina Marchukova and warned her about the impending arrest and operational search activities. In the apartment of Zakharchenko's sister 8.5 billion rubles were seized during the search. Financial crime in Nota-Bank is one of the versions of the 8.5 billion rubles origin.

Recall that in connection with the Chief Financial Officer of the bank Galina Marchukova and her sister Larisa employees of the GUEBiPK Russian Interior Ministry and the FSB of Russia detained top managers of the bank Erokhin brothers in the summer of 2016. The damage to the bank as a result of financial fraud is about 26 billion rubles. The expertise will establish the exact number.



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