"Not in Russia but still in touch." Tambov business dynasty chief disappears before court verdict

"Not in Russia but still in touch." Tambov business dynasty chief disappears before court verdict
Dzhamal Shamoyan

Dzhamal Shamoyan is wanted in a fraud case.

A red notice has been issued for Dzhamal Shamoyan, the chief of a famous business dynasty in Tambov. The FSB accuses the businessman of embezzling over 110.000.000 rubles or $1.700.000 (part 3 and part 4 of Art. 159) from the budget of the Znamensky district; the money had been allocated for road repairs.

The district administration signed several contracts with Stroy-line LLC (run by the Shamoyan family) to repair the local roads in 2015. The case is connected with the one brought against Tambov ex-mayor Yuri Rogachev, who was suspected of office abuse and forgery while he was in charge of the Znamensky district. The investigation believes that the official signed two government contracts with Stroy-Line for road repairs, but no work has been done. The damage inflicted by Yuri Rogachev was estimated at 117.000.000 rubles ($1.800.000). However, Rogachev did not go to jail for this and was sentenced to three years’ probation in a November hearing of the Kotovsky city court.

As for Dzhamal Shamoyan, he is nowhere to be found. Friends of the businessman told Kommersant that he is "not in Russia" now, but is "not on the run" either; he "is still in touch." Meanwhile, Odri Shamoyan, his brother, was sentenced to five years in prison with a four-year probation period for the same road fraud.

The businessman is also involved in the case on non-payment of salaries, but the file has not yet been submitted to the court. Dzhamal Shamoyan was the reason about 200 employees of the construction companies Zvezda-2 LLC and Triumfstroy LLC did not get their wages (Art. 145.1). According to SPARK-Interfax, Dzhamal’s son Ruslan owned the companies in 2015 and 2009. Initially, the figure was 20.000.000 rubles ($302.400) but now it amounts to a few million rubles.

The business dynasty is having a tough time: the arbitration court of the Tambov region is considering Promsvyazbank’s bankruptcy claims against Dzhamal, Ruslan, Emma and Nura Shamoyan over a debt of 47.500.000 rubles ($718.200), while the tax authorities are suing Rustam Shamoyan (another dynasty member) because the farm chief failed to repay a loan of 892.800 rubles ($13.500). The arbitration court also acknowledged a bankruptcy statement from Baar Shamoyan with a debt of 74.200.000 rubles ($1.100.000) and another one of Dzhamal Shamoyan’s brother, Rustam, with a debt of 84.600.000 rubles ($1.300.000).



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