Northern Aeroexpress: how officers of Russian Guard extort money

Northern Aeroexpress: how officers of Russian Guard extort money

The former officers of the battalion North which is now included in the Russian Guard (Rosgvardiya) are accused of extortion from the publisher of the Aeroexpress magazine Konstantin Zhukov.

The former officers of the battalion North and now Rosgvardiyi soldiers are charged with extortion on a large scale from the co-owner of the Aeroexpress magazine Konstantin Zhukov. The security officials themselves admit their guilt and their lawyers claim that the soldiers tried to convince the co-owner of the title to repay the debt.

A few years ago, Evgeniy Katkov invested 47 million rubles in Konstantin Zhukov’s company called STDzhi Media. Later, according to the lawyers, the two major projects, namely the magazine Aeroexpress and a system of loyalty to the consumer called "What about a bonus?" began to bring a serious income. However, according to Kommersant’s source, Katkov did not receive any dividends owed to him. He himself believed that Zhukov transferred the funds to the accounts of front companies and took all the money.

The two business partners could not resolve the conflict with each other on their own and began to look for the support of authorities. Then, Katkov appealed to Lechi Bolatbaev and Zhukov - to Ahmed Bulguchev. However, during the negotiations the protection found a common language and began to speak with one voice against Zhukov, demanding 45 million rubles and a Bentley car from him for the disturbance. Then, the businessman turned to the police. Upon receipt of the video and audio recordings of talks, the law enforcement officers arrested the extortionists. Soon, it transpired that the arrested persons belong to the security forces, and the case was transferred to the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee whose employee brought the official charges against the persons of interest.

The investigation accuses the 248-th separate special motorized battalion North detained officers - Colonel Saeed Akhmaeva and lieutenant Lechi Bolatbaev, the co-owner of STDzhi Media LLC Eugene Katkov and the representatives of the Ingush diaspora the brothers Movladi and Akhmed Bulguchevs of item (b), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion by organized group on especially large scale).

Previously, Crime Russia, citing a source, reported that the detainees are members of the human rights organization Za spravedlivost (For Justice) which provided collection services. In fact, the human rights activists, according to the numerous calls to the police, were engaged in extortion and chasing up large sums of money. During the searches conducted at the houses of the group members, hundreds of IOUs to huge sums of money and the criminal case of the murdered politician Boris Nemtsov were found.



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