New cases initiated against policeman who stole a boat

New cases initiated against policeman who stole a boat

The investigation has revealed a few more criminal episodes.

Certain details have become known about the case against former Acting Rear Services chief of the MIA department in the Tuapse district. As reported by Delovaya Gazeta.Yug, a few more cases were initiated against the former silovik after revealing new episodes of criminal activity. 

Thus, he is suspected of Abuse of Official Powers and Forgery of Official Documents. Previously, he was charged only with part 3 of Art. 159 (Swindling with the use of his/her official position). 

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, in the period from October to December 2018, the defendant stole a service boat Strizh-4 in the Tuapse district. He told his immediate superior that the ship was allegedly washed away from the territory of a garage-boat cooperative as a result of flooding on October 24, 2018. 

To prove his words, the police officer provided a certificate in the name of the garage-boat cooperative chairman, according to which the boat was on his territory before the flood. It now turns out that the suspect forged this certificate. He then gave the appearance of searching for the boat. 

“Abusing his official powers, the defendant drew up an inspection report about the absence of the service boat in the cooperative. As a result, the man caused damage worth 730 thousand rubles ($11,366) to the MIA Main Directorate in the Krasnodar region,” the ICR press service reported.

The investigation held by the Federal Security Service Directorate in the Krasnodar region has exposed the theft of the boat. A criminal case under part 1 of Art. 285 (Abuse of Official Powers) and part 2 of Art. 327 of the Russian Criminal Code (Forgery of Official Documents) have been initiated against the man. They have been consolidated.



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