New arrests expected in case of Chechen Sberbank Head

New arrests expected in case of Chechen Sberbank Head
Said-Magomed Dzhabrailov

The investigation suggests that several people took part in the scheme for cashing one billion rubles ($16.7m).⁠

In the case of fraud Chechen Sberbank head Said-Magomed Dzhabrailov may appear new figurants. TASS reported this on Wednesday, July 5.

"All the circumstances of illegal banking transactions worth more than 1 billion rubles are established, the organizer of which, according to available information, is head of the Chechen branch of Sberbank Dzhabrailov," the agency was told.

As soon as the participants in the financial fraud are found, new arrests will take place, the source asserts. Dzhabrailov, according to the interlocutor of the agency, currently can be abroad. His search continues.

"He is wanted, and there are reasons to believe that he is already outside Russia. A necessary set of measures aimed at detaining him is carried out. How much time it will take, now it's too early to speak," the source explained.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia wrote about an alternative version of the events that preceded the initiation of a criminal case against Said-Magomed Dzhabrailov, the head of the Sberbank in Chechnya.

Before the official press release of law enforcers on the declaration of Dzhabrailov in search, the Kavkaz.Realii edition reported that in the middle of June Speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov extorted 30 million rubles ($503.550) from the banker. During the conversation between Daudov and Dzhabrailov, Deputy Interior Minister in Chechnya Apti Alaudinov and Chechnya's Attorney General Sharpudi Abdul-Kadyrov were present. According to sources of the publication, the Speaker of the Parliament, in case the banker refuses to pay, threatened him with the initiation of a criminal case on suspicion "of aiding militants". Meanwhile, Dzhabrailov refused to pay 30 million rubles, after which he went on vacation.

Representatives of the investigation, the authorities of Chechnya and Sberbank have not officially announced the details of the case, but an alternative version of the incident was reported by former employee of Life magazine Anastasia Kashevarova. According to her, at the meeting with Dzhabrailov, there was allegedly no Daudov, but Head of the Chechen Government Abubakar Edelgeriev, the republican representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Accounts Chamber. During the conversation, they allegedly demanded from the head of the Sberbank to return the money that he withdrew through one-day firms, and "not to spoil the image of the Chechen Republic."



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