MP mark in case of scam in VILS  

MP mark in case of scam in VILS
Deputy of the Tver Area Legislative Assembly Sergey Veremeyenko

Investigators have initiated a case against unidentified persons and raided the All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys (VILS) on suspicion of doubtful transactions with assets.

The Deputy of the Tver Area Legislative Assembly Sergey Veremeyenko may become a defendant in a criminal case of fraud in the sale of property of the All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys (VILS). So far, the Investigative Committee’s Main Investigative Directorate in Moscow has instituted a criminal case under part 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale) against unidentified managers of the institute. On the eve, searches in the institute, the office of the accounting department and the OJSC VILS CEO Alexander Zaderey’s office were carried out. He himself is now in the hospital due to an acute cerebral circulatory failure, Kommersant reports; and doctors did not allow conducting any investigative actions with the patient.

The law enforcement agencies have been addressed by the representatives of Rostekh, which is the main shareholder of the VILS (39.9%). The Security Department of the state corporations suspected that the sale of the former Institute dormitory on Govorov Street in Moscow occurred at a much lower price. The transaction took place in 2014. The five-storey building occupying over 4,000 square meters was sold to the Deputy Sergey Veremeyenko, who is also a big businessman. Rostekh did not name the price at which the property was sold, but noted that the amount of loss is not less than 60 million rubles. It is obvious that the corporation will soon be recognized as a victim. The state corporation believes that the transaction was carried out in the interests of the Deputy Veremeyenko.


CEO of JSC VILS Alexander Zaderey

As Kommersant’s sources noted, the investigators also have questions to the CEO of OJSC VILS on other transactions with the Institute’s real estate. So, in 2008, the office building of ​​17 thousand square meters on Gorbunova Street (now the business center Grand Setun Plaza) was bought by the company Meridian-eurostroy. During the subsequent resale of the object, it turned out that the real area of ​​the building is 72 thousand square meters.

Sports Palace Krylya Sovetov (Wings of the Soviets), also belonging to the VILS was subjected to a long-term lease for approximately 300 thousand rubles per month. At that, the Institution continues to pay utility bills in the amount of approximately 50 million rubles a year. At the same time, the sublease of the complex brings tens of millions of rubles a month.

It is to be noted that previously, the police has already had questions to the VILS management. The former member of the Board of Directors Alexander Romanov in 2004 was suspected in the organization of a raider seizure of assets of the enterprise. A criminal case was initiated under Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Creation of a Criminal Community and Participation Therein). In February 2015, the investigating authorities have initiated a criminal case in connection with the theft by fraud of the rights for more than 56% of shares of the OJSC VILS.

Although Romanov now lives abroad, he was not even put on the international wanted list.

The OJSC VILS is a strategic enterprise in the field of new technologies and production of steel products from special alloys. The Institute VILS has closed metallurgical production cycle integrated with test and research base.



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