Mother of Chelyabinsk deputy declared wanted for extortion

Mother of Chelyabinsk deputy declared wanted for extortion

According to preliminary information, the woman has fled to Israel.

Svetlana Ishchenko, the mother of Metallurgichesky District Council deputy Petr Ishchenko, has been put on the federal wanted list, according to the Russian MIA database as quoted by Znak.

Svetlana Ishchenko's wanted notice


Svetlana Ishchenko was declared federally wanted in fall of 2017, according to Znak. Travel restriction had been imposed on the woman due to a 20-million-ruble ($337 thousand) extortion case. However, she went to Israel in April. The woman claimed she needed to get her health checked for an alleged serious decease. Svetlana promised to come back in August. However, it seems she has stayed in Israel. She became a target of the criminal investigation back in 2013. The crime she is suspected of was committed in 2012, according to investigators.

The woman is a co-owner of a number of Chelyabinsk region family businesses, Znak reports. The businesses range from real estate agencies to construction companies. The woman stumbled on a 2012 construction project for apartment houses in the Novosineglazovo village; she would later be investigated for this project.

Her company had not been able to get the Chelyabinsk administration to authorize apartment building construction since 2011. That is when Svetlana decided to try and solve the issue the other way around; entrepreneurs Nikolay Telmonov and Aleksey Urusov promised to help her for 20 million rubles. They claimed they can get the issue settled with the Chelyabinsk region deputy governor.

However, the men did not make good on the promise. The Sovetsky District Court of Chelyabinsk sentenced Nikolay Telmonov and Aleksey Urusov to 4 years in a medium-security prison and 7 years in a prison camp, respectively. Urusov was deemed the instigator of the fraud. The entrepreneurs pleaded not guilty and claimed it was Telmonov’s son Andrey who stole the money. The court did not believe them but Svetlana did.

Svetlana had met with Nikolay Telmonov and his ex-wife prior to his conviction in August 2012. She lured them to her home and threatened into signing documents making her the owner of 2 apartments and a Toyota Corolla. One apartment is located in downtown Chelyabinsk at 35 Tsvilling Str. and another in the northwest part of Chelyabinsk. The family was released upon signing the documents. The victims reported to the police immediately after.

The criminal investigation was launched in 2013. It was suspended at one point due to lack of evidence. The thing is Svetlana Ishchenko pleaded not guilty.



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