Mosoblbank demands unprecedented $1.2 bn from former co-owner

Mosoblbank demands unprecedented $1.2 bn from former co-owner
Former bank co-owner Andrzej Malczewski

Andrzej Malczewski’s property has been almost entirely seized to repay the damage.

Mosoblbank filed a lawsuit demanding to recover 67.8 billion rubles ($1.2 bn) from its former co-owner Andrzej Malczewski as damages. According to Kommersant, Izmailovo district court found Andrzej Malczewski, former Board Chairman Victor Yanin and his former deputy Yulia Zedina guilty of large-scale embezzlement of depositors’ funds in 2016. However, the Court did not consider the compensation claim, recommending that the bank should state their demands during the civil proceedings. The bank expects to reimburse the damage from Malczewski’s property.

The banker used to own some impressive real estate that he had obtained through court: a chapel and an office building in Molokovsky village (previously considered unauthorized construction), as well as a lot of real estate and land that belong to Moscow Rus Equestrian Park. However, according to Roman Golovkin, Mosoblbank’s lawyer, Malczewski has already transferred the said property to the bank to repay the damages, which mitigated the sentence. Now, the plaintiffs could only expect to get the two houses in the village of Bolshoye Savrasovo the bank wants arrested.

Let us recall that, in May 2014, Mosoblbank was sold to SMP Bank that was to become its special administrator. An audit revealed that billions of rubles had been withdrawn from Mosoblbank clients’ accounts. In 2015, the bank's new management asked the MIA Investigative Department to open a criminal case under article of especially large-scale Swindling (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code). The investigation revealed that the bank's managers had maintained the funds off the balance sheet and provided loans to affiliated companies. The bankers have withdrawn about 68 billion rubles in total.

The bank's former co-owner got 4 years of custody, the former chairman of the board got 3.5 years, and his deputy has been jailed for 3 years.

Dmitry Vasilyev, the former first deputy chairman of the board, and Andrzej Malczewski’s son Alexander, the bank’s co-owner, are on the wanted list.



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