Moscow Southern District Deputy Prefect and subordinates suspected of multimillion ruble tax frauds

Moscow Southern District Deputy Prefect and subordinates suspected of multimillion ruble tax frauds
Nazym Yusipov

One of the officials of the State-Financed Institution (GBU) Zhilischnik told investigators that district communal employees illegally returned taxes from the treasury, and some of this money ended up being in the pockets of the prefecture officials.

Nazym Yusipov, the former Deputy Prefect of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, and his staff are suspected of creating a criminal community that was engaged in fraudulent activities when refunding the value-added tax. The criminal incomes of the gang are estimated at millions of rubles.

According to Life, law enforcement officers learnt about the criminal scheme from Vitaly Konovalenko, the former head of the GBU Zhilischnik of the Nagatino-Sadovniki, who is currently under investigation. Note that Konovalenko himself is accused of appropriating 86 million rubles ($1.5m) which were intended as bonuses for his subordinates. The man told the investigators that all 16 divisions of the GBU Zhilischnik were involved in the scheme for embezzling budget funds, organized by former Deputy Prefect Nazym Yusipov and other officials of the prefecture. Allegedly upon Yusipov’s initiative, the management companies concluded contracts for the provision of information and consulting services with a group of companies called Prioritet that analyzed and advised utility providers on the payment of taxes. If the firm found an overpayment of the VAT for a certain period, Zhilischnik asked for a return of surplus from the budget. Under the contract, Prioritet’s award was 35% of the amount of compensation.

Vitaly Konovalenko said that, for example, the company helped the GBU Zhilischnik in the Nagatino-Sadovniki district to restore 66.5 million rubles ($1.7m) between 2013 and 2015. And at that time, the GBU owed the budget 31 million rubles ($543.630) of income tax.

Life’s sources in law enforcement agencies reported that 16 subdivisions of Zhilischnik transferred Prioritet up to 50 million rubles ($876.823) annually, some of which were then transferred to the officials of the SAD prefecture. The exact amount of money siphoned by the prefectural staff and businessmen has yet to be determined by the investigators. The MIA Main Investigative Directorate instructed the district investigators to conduct a check against Yusipov and other employees of the prefecture and decide whether to initiate a criminal case based on its results.


Nazym Yusipov has been working in various prefectures of the Russian capital for about 20 years. Having started his service in 1999 as a specialist in the prefecture of the South-Western District, he soon became the deputy prefect there. Then he was the deputy prefect of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Districts, and in December 2013 Yusipov became the first deputy prefect of the Southern Administrative District. Here, he supervised the economy and tenders. In March 2017, Yusipov suddenly resigned.



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