Moscow police detains former Chelyabinsk Region ombudsman

Moscow police detains former Chelyabinsk Region ombudsman
Alexey Sevastyanov in the detention facility, 2017.

The former human rights defender was suspected of attempted swindling.

Ex-Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region Alexey Sevastyanov was detained in Moscow on suspicion of attempted swindling. Sevastyanov felt bad, the police called an ambulance, reports. 

“We have not received any documents yet. We know that he is suspected of attempted swindling,” Igor Trunov, the head of the Trunov, Aivar and Partners law firm, said. 

Two lawyers of the mentioned firm are with the ex-ombudsman. The suspect will be transferred to Chelyabinsk. According to Trunov, in Moscow, Sevastyanov was summoned to the police department to testify, and was detained while leaving the premises. 

Sevastyanov left the regional ombudsman’s post in 2016, after which for some time he headed the regional branch of the Rodina political party. In February 2017, investigative bodies initiated a criminal case against Sevastyanov.The ex-chairman of the Rodina party branch concluded contracts for the advertisement production and placement worth more than 5 million rubles ($ 75,000). The investigation failed to prove the suspect's guilt.


In April 2017, Sevastyanov spent seven days in a special detention facility for disobeying police during the dismantling of an illegal parking fence in the Kurchatov District.



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