Moscow: Former police officers who extorted €1 million form major drug dealer face trial

Moscow: Former police officers who extorted €1 million form major drug dealer face trial
Aleksey Potapov

The Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Moscow completed an investigation into extortion of money from a major drug dealer.

An extortion case was opened against former Head of the 2nd Detective Division of the Department of Internal Affairs in the South-Eastern Administrative District of the Main Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation in Moscow Maksim Serov and his Deputy Aleksey Potapov, as well as against 28 y. o. Moscow resident Georgy Kochishvili and 35 y. o. Inga Mokrova. They all are suspects in the high-profile criminal case and are accused of soliciting a major bribe from drug dealer Evgeny Marusenko, also known as Evgeny Oberemko in the criminal community. The drug dealer who had 5 fake passports left to Russia from Kiev on February 14, 2016, as earlier reported by the CrimeRussia. His wife had informed on him to the police out of vested interest.

Investigative agencies assessed roles of the defendants and presented them with corresponding indictments. The abovementioned defendants are accused of breaking articles 290, part 6 (“Bribe-Taking by a Functionary through an Intermediary on an Especially Large Scale and Inaction in Favour of a Bribe-Giver”), 285, part 3 (“Abuse of Official Powers entailing grave consequences”), 161, part 2, items “а” and “e” (“Robbery Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert”), 127, part 2, item “а” (“Illegal Deprivation of Liberty”), and 175, part 2, item “а” (“Acquisition or Sale of Property, Knowingly Obtained in a Criminal Manner Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert that was not Promised in Advance”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In February of 2015, Inga Mokova told police officers Serov and Potapov her husband who had been put on the international wanted list for illegal purchasing and storage of a large shipment of drugs was going to go to Moscow, according to investigative agencies. She not only told them when he was going to arrive but that he should have a substantial sum of money with him as well.

Marusenko-Oberemko was arrested in airport and taken to police station as a result. The police officers began extorting €1 million from him in exchange for not prosecuting him. They took $15,000 away from him after a personal search.

They then illegally held the arrested drug dealer in a rented apartment until he agreed to pay them a portion of the initially extorted amount, namely €400,000.

Marusenko-Oberemko managed to give his ‘prisoners’ the slip and ask the police for help on February 2015.

Investigative agencies gathered enough evidence. A case file with an approved indictment were referred to court for further proceedings.



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