Moscow family lost 110 mln rubles from a cell in "Sberbank "

Moscow family lost 110 mln rubles from a cell in "Sberbank "

Moscow police is figuring out how the money were stolen from safety deposit box in one of Sberbank’s offces.

According to the Moscow Police, victims were aware of the loss a few weeks ago, but decided to claim the missing only now.

A 31-year-old victim reported to the police that in two safety deposit boxes money of her father were preserved. In the offices of “Sberbank” in the south-west of Moscow one safe contained $ 1.2 million, another - 400 thousand euros, according to the current exchange rate is about 110 million rubles.

She also told the police that besides her family members access to the bank vault had her roommate. She said that it was him who told her about the missing money from the cells.    

The woman added that the last time when she checked the cell was in February. Accordingly, she can’t name the exact time period when the money were stolen.

Currently, the case is filed. The investigating authorities carry out the necessary checks and are considering several versions of what happened. The police say that to build up the full picture they need to question woman’s parents, who at the moment are not in Moscow. Also, the investigation needs to find out why she reported about the loss at this certain time, but not when money were found to be missing.



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