Moscow Court will consider case of corrupted employees of MCI and MIA

Moscow Court will consider case of corrupted employees of MCI and MIA

The Nikulinskiy Moscow court will consider the case of a group of former employees of the Ministry of Interior Affains (MIA) and the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (MCI), who tried to falsify the case against businessman Dmitry Khodanovich.

The Nikulinskiy court of Moscow will consider materials of the criminal case against a group of people, consisting of the former co-owner of banks Pushkin and Cedar Aleksandr Kabanov, the former employee of the Main Administration of Criminal Search (MACS) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergey Abrosenko and former employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department Stanislav Maksimov and Dmitry Alferov. According to investigators, associates tried to illegally imprison the millionaire Dmitry Khodanovich.

According to the source of Rosbalt, Abrosenko and Maksimov made a deal with the investigation, so their cases are considered separately.

Investigators believed that the banker Kabanov and his lawyer Panesh fraudulently received 5 million euros from the businessman Khodanovich. In order to prevent attempts to recover the stolen from millionaire money, swindlers solicited for a bribe of 500 thousand euros employees of the MCI and the MACS. Rogue cops tried to fabricate a criminal case against a businessman, throwing him a watch that were allegedly stolen from Kabanov during a robbery. The attack was staged by attackers.



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