Moscow court takes world kickboxing champion, ex-husband of Alana Mamaeva, into custody

Moscow court takes world kickboxing champion, ex-husband of Alana Mamaeva, into custody
Alexander Lipovoy

The athlete is suspected of swindling.

Moscow’s Presnensky Court sanctioned the arrest of the Russian and world kickboxing champion, Alexander Lipovoy, who is the ex-husband of the wife of football player Pavel Mamaev. The athlete is suspected of attempted swindling on an especially large scale. He will be held in custody at least until March 31.

A TASS source shared the details of the criminal case. According to him, Lipovoy acted as a fixer. For 14.5 million rubles ($ 221,000), he promised to achieve a probation sentence in a criminal case. He was detained red-handed while receiving a part of the mentioned amount.

The criminal case is investigated by the ICR in the Meshchansky District of Moscow. Lipovoy is charged under part 3 of Article 30 and part 4 of Article 159 CCRF (attempted swindling on an especially large scale).

The MK gives more details. According to them, the champion “turned in by a suspect in swindling by the name of Prokhorov, who is on the wanted list.”

“Once, Lipovoy gave Prokhorov 4.5 million rubles ($ 69,000) for business, and the latter “shafted” him. A criminal case was initiated under the Article 159 CCRF (swindling), in which Lipovoy was named the victim, and Prokhorov was the accused,” says the source of the publication.

Then, Lipovoy decided to play Robin Hood. He conceived to return his 4.5 million and punish Prokhorov for the money he was going to spend on children.

According to the criminal case materials, Lipovoy promised him a suspended sentence for 14.5 million rubles. “He created the appearance of trust between him and law enforcement agencies, as well as corrupt relations, guaranteeing Prokhorov punishment in the form of probation,” says the source.

At the same time, Lipovoy does not plead innocent, but in fact he fell for Prokhorov’s provocation, the source said. It turns out that a professional crook put behind the bars the one who decided to fight back.



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