Moscow City Court upheld Yakunin's claim for libel to founder of Kituashvili

Moscow City Court upheld Yakunin's claim for libel to founder of Kituashvili
Eric Kituashvili

The court ordered Kituashvili to refute his earlier statements about the corruption in the Moscow police.

The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the Butyrsky court on the suit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of the Head of the Moscow Interior Ministry Central Board Anatoly Yakunin, the Head of the capital's Traffic Police Victor Kovalenko and the commander of the 6th special unit of the Traffic Police Konstantin Vasyuta. The court dismissed the Kituashvili's appeal.

Earlier, the Butyrsky Moscow court found false statements of the founder of, which he made on February 22 at a hearing in the Tverskoy court, about a high-ranking police officers. According to Eric Kituashvili, his colleagues had evidence that Yakunin and his staff received a bribe in the amount of three and a half million dollars from Kovalenko and Vasyuta for sale the post of the Head of capital Traffic Police.

Leader of's lawyers appealed the decision of the Butyrsky court, but it was rejected.

Earlier, known blogger and the rider Eric Kituashvili, known as Daviditch, was arrested on suspicion of swindling. According to investigators, the founder of with accomplices staged abductions of expensive cars to get insurance. Kituashvili himself claimed that his arrest is related to investigations of corruption of high-ranking police officers.



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