Moscow City Court left founder of Kituashvili under arrest

Moscow City Court left founder of Kituashvili under arrest
Founder of society Eric Kituashvili

Video blogger Davidych will remain in a pre-trial detention center till February, 21.⁠

The Moscow City Court left founder of community Eric Kituashvili known as Davidych in custody.

Earlier the decision on prolongation of term of arrest for the video blogger till February, 21 was made by the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, however lawyers of the defendant submitted the appeal in the Moscow City Court.

Eric Kituashvili was detained at the beginning of 2016 on suspicion of a swindle. According to the investigators, the founder of with accomplices faked stealing of expensive cars for receipt of an insurance. The damage exceeded 1.3 million rubles.

Kituashvili claims that his arrest is connected with investigations over corruption of the high-ranking police officers. Thus, during one of meetings of the Tverskoy Court of Moscow he declared that his colleagues have proofs of obtaining by Yakunin and his subordinates of a bribe in the amount of 3,5 million dollars from Kovalenko and Vasyuta for ‘sale’ of a position of the head of traffic police of the capital. Later Yakunin submitted a claim for honor and dignity protection against Kituashvili.



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