More dismissals: case against the Spetsstroy's Deputy Head - beginning of the End? 

More dismissals: case against the Spetsstroy's Deputy Head - beginning of the End?
The Deputy Head of Spetsstroy Alexander Buriakov

The night of July 7 Kommersant reported on the arrest of the Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Special Construction of the Russian Federation (Spetsstroy) Alexander Buriakov. A few days before he was arrested in the case under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling committed on an especially large scale).

According to sources of The CrimeRussia, the Head of Spetsstroy Alexander Volosov returned prematurely from vacation because of what happened. The online media has reasons to believe that the Buriakov's arrest may be not the last one in administrative authority of the Federal Agency. 

Kommersant's sources reported that Buryakov's arrest occurred on July 4 and on the same day his apartment and workplace were searched. After that officers of General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption of Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior filed a request with to the Tverskoy District Court, which granted a request for detention. He is arrested till 30 August 2016.

The newspaper reports that there are other defendants in the case unless Buriakov (according to information of The CrimeRussia, it may be officials concerning with contractors of the Federal agency). Nevertheless, they seem to actively cooperate with the investigation agency, whereas it has not been reported about other arrests.

The source of Kommersant in Spetsstroy informed that in the framework of the law enforcement agencies’ examination a seizure of documents, related to the activity of contractors, was made. Among other things, the working documentation was seized from the Buriakov’s office.

The Colonel and his career

Buriakov’s arrest marked with the anniversary of his appointment: until July 6th, 2015 he was the Deputy Head of Spetsstroy’s Main Production and Administrative Management Office, where he was working for two years at that time (from 2013).

Biography of Alexander Buriakov

2004-2013 – he served as a department Head of treaties and conventions of Legal Department to the deputy Director of the Department of Investment and Capital Construction in Ministry of the Russian Federation for Affairs for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

2013-2015 – he was a Deputy Head of Main Production and Administrative Management Office in the Federal Agency for Special Construction of the Russian Federation.

July 6, 2015 he was appointed a Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Special Construction of the Russian Federation.


A Full State Counsellor 2nd Class of the Russian Federation.

Cand. Science of warfare.

At the same time the duties and powers of Colonel Buriakov, as reported by Kommersant, were extremely diverse: he does not only act as the Acting Director of the agency Alexander Volosov during his absence, but also inspected the facilities, and participated in meetings of the Russian Ministry of Defense responding to sounding claims of contractors.

And there were many of them recently. For example, the highly publicized story was related to the construction of military facilities in the Arctic in November 2015. Then it turned out that the construction of bases at Cape Schmidt and Wrangel Island on the order of the the Russian Ministry of Defense was jeopardised because of the actions of RusAlyansStroy company. It blocked the building construction, claimed that it had financial disagreements with the acquirer. Previously, RusAlyansStroy won the tender for construction of facilities in the Arctic, which was carried out by the contractor of Spetsstroy - the Chief Directorate of utility engineering № 2.

“The company received admissible advance in the amount of 80% and, not accounting for spent funds, it did not fulfill the work. <...> The Chief Directorate of utility engineering № 2 abrogated a treaty unilaterally”, said then in the Directorate. Shortly afterwards, the heads of RusAlyansStroy had been accused of Swindling, the consideration from which amounted to about 250 million rubles, and placed under arrest.

The incident had also affected Spetsstroy: after public charges in corruption Oleg Sirazetdinov, the Head of the Chief Directorate of utility engineering № 2, was dismissed.    

Директор Спецстроя Александр Волосов

Chief of the reform

If there is no a lot of publicly available information about colonel Buriakov, so it is known enough about his boss, the Director of Spetsstroy Alexander Volosov. As Buriakov, he was transferred out from the Ministry of Emergency Situations to the Federal Agency for Special Construction shortly after the appointment of Sergei Shoigu, new Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, in November 2012.

He became a stimulus to reform at agency. In an interview to Kommersant in February 2016 he confirmed that the reform plan had been approved a few years ago its implementation was still ongoing.

“Then, in 2013, there were established a control-and-auditing Office and economic planning Department in processing-distributive Administration, which in the conditions of financial and economic activity of the unitary enterprises were imperative”, said Volosov.

His career began in 1995 at the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where he held a variety of positions. Alexander Volosov is also the recipient of numerous state awards. The position of the Head of Spetsstroy he received in 2013, when his predecessor Gregory Naginsky had been dismissed in connection with the notorious Oboronservis's affair.




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