Moldovan scheme related judges and bailiffs in prisoners’ box

Moldovan scheme related judges and bailiffs in prisoners’ box
'Cashier' Alexander Grigoriev

The investigation into the case of ‘laundry’, through which billions of rubles ($17 mln) were siphoned off from Russia, completed in Moldova.

Fourteen judges and two bailiffs, accused of laundering $20 billion from Russia through the banking system of Moldova, will come before the court. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Moldova announced the completion of the criminal investigation and forwarded it to the court. Former judges are accused of passing intentionally unlawful verdicts, which led to serious repercussions, reports.

It is known that in September 2014 the law enforcement agencies exposed the big con, which resulted in enormous sums of money – $46 – withdrawn abroad from Russia. Banker and businessman Alexander Grigoriev was detained within the framework of the criminal case. He made up a criminal community of 500 active members. According to Kommersant, to withdraw money from Russian the group of Grigoriev relied on the ‘Moldovan’ scheme. In accordance with it fictitious transactions were made, including lending ones, between offshore companies, guarantors of which citizens of Moldova were. The latter found bailsmen among a number of Russian shell companies. When the contracts expired, one of the parties to it could not pay money to the other one. Eventually creditors appealed to the Moldovan court, and it forcibly collected debts. It was bailiffs with accounts in Kishinev Moldindconbank who enforced court decisions. It also had open correspondent accounts of subsequently decertified Alexander Grigoriev’s banks, that allegedly provided services for Russian guarantor companies. According to the Moldovan service for the fight against money laundering, between 2010 and 2013 only on the basis of decisions of the Moldovan courts of different instances $18.5 billion were levied from Russian domiciled companies. In fact this scheme only covered up the withdrawal.

Moldovan judges played a key role in the scheme. They were detained in the course of a large-scale operation carried out in the autumn of 2016 by anti-corruption prosecutors and officers of National Anticorruption Center. Currently they are in custody, some of them were placed under house arrest. Some of the detainees were released under judicial control. One judge and a bailiff were put on the international warrant list. One of the judges died during the investigation that was terminated and the case was closed.

If the suspects are found guilty, they are to face up to 10 years in prison without the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to 5 years.



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