Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his Yukos partners funneled $ 51 billion abroad

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his Yukos partners funneled $ 51 billion abroad
Mikhail Khodorkovsky

NTV channel reported this in its investigation.

NTV channel released an investigation called Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Bloody Empire, which reported on the new Yukos case and the withdrawal of more than $ 50 billion by the businessman. A significant part of these funds is currently in the Netherlands. It is noteworthy that in their film, the authors use the phrase “the third criminal case on Yukos.”

“The main purpose of the investigation of our law enforcement agencies is the question of where <...> Yukos money that Khodorkovsky stole from minority shareholders has disappeared. And this is as much as $ 51 billion,” the film's authors say.

The authors of the investigation refer to the data of the Adviser to the Prosecutor General of Russia Salavat Karimov, who said that most of the dividends are in the Netherlands and this is “much more than $ 2 billion,” which the company's minority shareholders know about.

According to Karimov, the money was received by the first Director of Yukos, Sergey Muravlenko, the first Vice President of the company, Viktor Kazakov (currently a State Duma deputy from United Russia), the Vice President, Viktor Ivanenko, and one of the company's founders, Yury Golubev. Salavat Karimov stressed that Khodorkovsky guaranteed the payment of the cost of a 15% stake in Yukos, which is $ 2 billion, to all of them.

“And he actually paid <...> several hundred million to the accounts that were opened in offshores with these four senior executives of Yukos,” added Karimov.

According to NTV, Khodorkovsky paid about $ 250 million each. For this, according to Salavat Karimov, the leaders of Yukos lobbied in the government for the idea of “concentrating Yukos shares in the hands of an effective investor” - Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

RBC has contacted the businessman concerning the investigation. He told reporters that "he does not care a whit."



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